#1 Hangar 360 Error 1005 (P3S) von Donnieclark 18.12.2017 14:56


I've tried using Hangar 360 twice over the past two days with my Phantom 3 Standard and keep getting "Error 1005". The aircraft will start up, begin to ascend, then stop at about 6ft AGL and I'll get an error that the mission failed, error 1005 and the option to keep flying or return home.

If I try to launch while in the air, it'll give me the option to take my panos at the current elevation or ascend to 300ft AGL. Either choice gives the error 1005 again.

I looked on Hangar's website and error 1005 is "Due to a limitation in the SDK, RAW photos cannot be captured at an interval of less than 10 seconds." (Why am I receiving Error 1005?). However I can't find a way to change the camera settings, as they're locked by the app according to Hangar.

Has anyone else ran into this and found a fix?

please help

Thanks !

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