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I have been running Untangle Home since June of this year. I have it installed on a dedicated Zotac CI323 box and so far have had no issues, although I'm still learning and playing with different Apps and features. A week ago I upgraded my Internet service from 200Mbs download and 10Mbs upload to 1Gbs download and 35Mbs upload. I am using a Motorola MB8600 modem which is connected directly into one of the Enet ports of the CI323 the other port (internal) is connected to a switch and my home LAN. I am running version 13.1.

From any device the best download speed I can get is around 350Mbs (upload is fine and comes in around 40Mbs). I have tried turning off the Untangle Apps one by one until there are none running but the results are the same. I have plugged a laptop directly into the internal Enet port of the CI323, again with no improvement . However, if I plug the laptop directly into the Motorola modem I can get download speeds of close to 900Mbs.
Does anyone have any ideas on improving the throughput with this box?

Please help.

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